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3 Habits that has changed my Life

New habits can be life changing if done with intent and consistence but are never easy to sustain and incorporate initially.

I was no exception and 2021 saw me finally take some actions after deliberating it long enough year after year.

No sugar- It’s difficult enough as it is to cut down on the ice creams and chocolates. This one went deeper, everything has sugar from bread to sauces. So, I stopped store bought accessories entirely. Dressings are always olive oil and lemon and instead of sauces went for homemade chutneys- spicy tomato or minty zing. It was refreshing and healthier with nourishing properties, however keeping it up over the last 2 months has been initially tough. Now its ingrained in my habits. I don’t crave for chips or chocolate anymore. I find it easier to cut it out completely. I am saving the day to have a slice of cake on my son’s birthday (in August).

Using the treadmill- Finally! Everyday 40 minutes first thing in the morning and yes getting it done first thing in the morning helps because now I never miss it. Surprisingly I have started enjoying it as well. What initially seemed like an uphill task is now manageable. Adding a little bit of challenge to your schedule is always a good idea, just remember not too much and you might give it up entirely. If you are trying to fail proof yourself, this might give you the boost you need.

Less screen time- And more outdoors even thought I am work from home and completing a year staying indoors. I now make a point to sit in my lush green balcony overlooking the mango tree first thing in the morning. I don’t panic over the to do lists, if it’s important I know it will get done. More breaks whenever possible and read more, even when possible I take my laptop outside and work ( it’s getting warmer these days in Hyderabad). Technically I still work on my laptop for a considerable part of the day (more than 8 hours) and yet not sitting mindlessly in front of the TV gives me enough time to do other things.

What has been your new change?

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