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Be vocal about your strengths but share your vulnerability too

“May be stories are just data with soul” . 
                                  - Brene Brown. 

Telling stories is an age-old tradition of passing down history, life, recipes, facts and so much more. We have more platforms today available than we can handle, and we have become obsessed with editing and prepping up the shares so they look picture perfect.

While it’s all okay, sometimes sharing weakness can be more effective, truthful and allows true connections.

You will notice we listen more carefully when even the most successful of people share their mistakes, their weakness and how they overcame it. It’s human nature to bond over humane emotions than dry facts or over edited pictures/editorial.

The beautiful mess effect talks about how we should be open to talk about our weakness at times. Vulnerability a topic that Brene Brown covers in her talks, books and even Netflix is something that the world is waking upto.

The strive for perfection leads us to believe unachievable, super powers that lesser humans may not have and more than that a disconnect which cannot be bridged. If you are someone who lives in human society or works as part of a larger team, striving for perfection and stories of failures are crucial elements in passing down the story whether its through books, blogs or any other medium.

In an age of Instagram’s and Pinterest, flaws should also have its own place.

All stories of success often begin with failures or what we think is failure. Look at the biggest of stories from life journey of the likes of Oprah Winfrey, J K Rowling, Simon Sinek, Elon Musk they all started somewhere.

So, if you are lauded for your success add your flaws, connect with your lesson learnt and spread your message with stories that talk about how you became this unwavering metaphor of success.

So choose today, choose to tell your story you way in some form may be to a class of online students, may be in your personal diary- a place that allows you to be honest and vulnerable at the same time.

Signing off, take care and stay safe.

(Pic Courtesy: Pexel)

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