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Find your next best read.

I do believe something very magical can happen when you read a good book”.  J K Rowling

If you are looking for a good read, more than often you are looking for what’s next?

Books are often selected based on what you like to read (same genre), recommendation of your friends (same kind of people) or influencers you follow (same taste).

Have you thought of your mindset? Why you read the books you like? Have you tried a new genre? Do you think you usually choose a book based on what you are thinking? For you it can be the mood/environment you are currently in or what you want to be (professionally, transformations or a person).

Here are some simple ways to find out your next read:

1. Amazon or kindle suggests your next read/buy based on your reading preference, browse them if possible read a sample and then buy.

2. Good reads are a great way to read up some sample and reviews.

3. If you prefer classics, this list might be a great option to look at

4. Join a book club- Start one or join any. This might bring you different opinions and books that might help you find the next read of genre.

5. Whichbook is a great way to look at different parameters that you enjoy reading and then suggested reads are provided. Try it

What have you been reading? You can find details about my last two kindle downloads here.

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