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How to Fail proof yourself for 2021- BE UR BEST VERSION

Hello, if you are here for the first time- welcome to Be Ur Best Version, thats what this space is about- being your best.

So, if you are a grad ready to venture out in the real world, a newbie, a mid professional level stuck in your career, someone starting a hustle and anyone looking to explore your own potential and need some motivation- this space is for you.

All right so as usual please get yourself a cup or tea/coffee and something to nibble on and we will get started.

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Okay then, how was your New Years? Did you get to write your resolution? Every year millions of earthly citizens will write their resolution and very few get them to continue. So, today we will talk about HOW YOU CAN FAIL PROOF YOURSELF and truly be ur best version.

Have you ever stopped to think that everyone writes a goal and yet very few actually get things done. Everyone can have the same goal but those who get it done are usually the people who are able to create a system, not just a to do list of loosely articulated independent statements. What I mean by that is if you plan to exercise everyday- just saying I want to exercise might not cut it for you and at some point you might just stop.

So, here are 5 simple things you can do to take the steps to fail proof yourself:

1. Build a system- The only way you can actually get it done is by building a system- you arrange one action after another and get things started. So, instead of saying I am going to start exercising- create a mental map. You wake up when the alarm goes off at 7 am and then you brush, have a glass of water, change to exercise clothes and walk out of the door for a 20 minute walk. Use the timer or a playlist of 20 minutes and you know when you are done. Writing just a goal ends with getting it done like loosing 2kgs. a system allows you to ingrain it in your system - a healthy habit of walking every day where the benefits are countless.

2. The 5 second rule- Once you start thinking too much about anything, you start negotiating with yourself. I am too tired today, let me do it later or not feeling upto it, let me sleep a little more and can walk in the evening. Create a system that you have habits stacked up, so one thing leads you to another. its like when you go to work- you have to wake up on time, get ready, commute, swipe your card, get a cup of coffee/tea and open your laptop, check your email, check to do list- its a system that you repeat day after day. So, stop thinking today, create the system and when you wake up you just follow actions one after another, that way you never miss your new goal.

3. Prep your environment with visual cues- If you are trying to be healthy this new year, the most common goal probably that everyone includes- stuffing your kitchen cabinets with chips and sodas might not do the trick. Instead keep fruits, tea, visuals of how success looks like to you and chances are more that you will lean towards working for that goal.

4.Enjoy the process- For anyone who has achieved any goal will tell you that in order to be successful you have to enjoy the process. You simply cant do someone thing for a lasting period of time if you dont enjoy it. So, make sure your create a fun system that allows you to celebrate the small wins when you reach your goals. Break down goals and find ways to get it done without boring yourself to death. I have always failed those goals that I took upon myself that seemed like a burden because I hated doing them so much. And yet you will see even in your busiest of schedules, you will get so much done and then do one more thing you love like writing or painting because it doesnt feel like work at all- its fun.

5.Track and measure- Small wins matter, so instead of tracking the goal, track the habit. If you are walking everyday track it, instead of the 1 kg you have lost seeing yourself walking everyday will keep you going more than just tracking the weight. Find what triggers your why and keep following it.

What do you think? Let me know in the comment section below how your new year goals have been going?

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