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The Big Slump

If you have been working from home for a while, you have probably encountered the Big Slump.

Feeling low?

The feeling that slowly creeps in of not being yourself. Of being confused, tired and uninspired. You have probably been bombarded with worrying news of friends loosing jobs, relatives being sick and the horrible conditions in local hospitals. It has to have an emotional impact.

Interestingly by now everyone wants to get back to office.

If that sounds like you, read on.......

With so much happening, there's still hope that you can pick yourself up and get things done. If you read Dan Pink's DRIVE, you will know that Autonomy, Mastery and Purpose can fix your inner cycle of motivation.

That can definitely happen in normal circumstances, now we need to channel everything to keep us going.

Sometimes challenges really open up opportunities, to be more organised, to be more prudent with the use of time and work on goals. Last week while browsing Facebook I happened to see pic of a friend who has become a fitness junkie, so much so that I envied looking at her pic. Time it seems has been a blessing in his pandemic to the fortunate, kids spending time with parents have been happier, family dinners are a thing now and yes you don't run to malls anymore because well you can't and then you don't know need over piling mess in your wardrobe when being in pajama's is the latest trend. You can finally be a minimalist now.

Here are 7 ideas that can pick you up from the slump:

Start Time-blocking- Scheduling works great, however if you want to have some time to linger down the hall with your thought this one is way better. You don't need to punish yourself in following the clock by the seconds hand instead you give yourself ample time- a block of time to get things done. Like mornings (8am-10am) can be for writing or learning a new skillset. Take a break, enjoy the process and make better use of your time.

Challenge Yourself - To pick up yourself from the mental rut, challenging yourself can be a great tool. Again start something you will enjoy like starting to paint. The problem with challenging ourselves is we beat ourselves way too much and way too often when we fail. Goldilocks rule says humans can experience motivation when you work on a task that is within your capability and yet a little difficult.

Work on your Motivation - I often find that no one really talks about the fact that even the most motivated of people work on it regularly, it really isn't like the sun shining on you everyday naturally. This roughly translates to that if you want to get yourself out of the slump, you have to work on making sure you are taking small steps in the right direction and doing it consistently. Here are 23 simple ways to keep you motivated.

Find your Zone- Athletes and high performers all believe in finding your zone.

Being in a state of flow is of importance. You will notice the best of work is done during this time. Finding the zone can be triggered with music, environment or repeating certain sequence of tasks.

I remember during college days I could put myself in the same mental condition by just listening to a song. It was one of the songs I would listen every night before going to bed. The song would get me into a determined mood where I would plan for my future. Surprisingly when I listened to the same song while getting ready for the exams, it would get me focussed and calm enough that all worries and uncertainties would just melt away.

Create a Routine- It does take 66 days to stick on, however a positive routine is essential to get your out of this slump and keep you from falling prey to it again. A routine can help you not only with the tasks at hand but also with a mindset that can keep you going. So, create a routine thats positive and help you stay positive without falling prey to negative habits or a slump again. Working on your motivation can sound like a chore because it is. It is something you incorporate in your routine so your repeat stover and over again.

Clean up Your System- While routines are important to create a positive environment, cleaning up your environment is equally impotent to ensure your routine works. Get rid off toxicity in every form. So if you are looking for a job now, listening to people how bad the job market is what put you in the right frame of mind. So, stop listening to these sources, instead find, research, think about being innovative in job searches and what can be done.

Know your Priorities - Finally, know yourself to know where to put your energy. If you are in the slump because you lost a job- create all of the above around the fact you need to find a job. If you are disheartened because your plan didn't work out, find where it went wrong so you don't repeat again.

We are who we think we are, so stay positive and work on yourself everyday.

Remember to do something different to feel different.

(Pic courtesy: Pexel, Google Images and SomaB)