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Wake up with Joy (and motivation)

There’s much going in the world right now, that waking up to the grim news everyday can be disheartening by itself.

In these trying times keeping up with the motivation level can be daunting, however where there’s a will, there is always a way.

Simple reminders can help. Like:

1. What does motivation mean to me?

2. What will I do better if I am motivated?

3. How do I get motivated? (Think of days you were highly motivated)

Every person is unique and by simply knowing your "whys" and "whats" can be a wonderful way to bring back your focus on being motivated.

Motivation can mean different think to different people.

Intrinsic motivation- it’s the fire in you to get something done that gets you out of bed. It could be working on your new project, a new hobby, going for a run, starting the business. Something that will jumpstart your day positively.

Extrinsic motivation- this is about getting the hike, buying the new car you have been eyeing for a month, finding the apartment to move to….you will get more work done because you want that hike.

The best thing you will ever know about motivation is the Goldilocks rule. It simple means that having the right amount of challenge or difficulty in a task with respect to your current abilities can keep your motivated.

Think of it as the levels in the video game, the game builds you up for it level by level. You don’t go from level 1 to 10 directly. By building on the levels, the game keeps you hooked for longer. Its just a little bit more of challenge added everytime. You know you can get it done!

You got this, your goal your dream... is within your reach.
Yes, you can.

So if you take a humungous challenge, it might not be as motivating because you know you cannot get it done. However small steps done one after another can take you closer to the goal without letting go off it.

How about you look at your goals for this month or year. And instead of thinking it looks way too complicated, break it down like chapters of a novel. And then break it down further…..when the task seems simple enough for you to get done in a day or few hours you will be more attuned to trying it out.

Continue on the path till you reach you goal. If you are looking for a goal planner, click the below.

Goal Planner
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