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Working From Home

These are different times, times that no one could have predicted can happen so suddenly, globally and change our lives forever.

If like most of us you are also working from home, these are few pointers that can make it more efficient.

I personally like the idea of #workfromhome, simply because it means no commutes, more time and more deep work. You don’t have to get involved in discussions that have no meaning for you, attend tons of meetings and simply not be able to focus and get things done. #Workfromhome has suddenly brought in a different way to think.

Here are few things I have been doing:

1. Set up fixed working hours- If your office hasn’t set it up for you ( or you own a business), you should. This allows you to mentally focus and know that’s its time to get things done. It also compartmentalizes time to work and your free time because the work area is the same (your home).

2. Set up the environment- Fix a place to work, make it work for you. Use a desk or a couch or table anything that works for you. And then around it set up things that will help you feel focused and relaxed. Use plants, cushions, keep notebooks and pens, bottle of water; items that you need, so you don’t have to go of your working space often. Since everyone is at home, it means going out of the space will trigger more conversations, your kid wanting your attention, you stopping by the TV to listening to the news and then get into more discussions.

3. Plan your breaks- It helps me to know that yes I will take a break to stretch out at 12 noon and then at 4pm. You can plan to water your plants, have a cup of tea, do yoga, have a snack or play with your kid. My break is for 10-15 minutes and then I am back to work.

4. Use Tools- If you find difficult to focus at work, using simple techniques like Pomodoro or Egg timer.. It helps you time out your deep work time and then a break. With a timer you know you have next 20 minutes to work on.

5. Train your family, specially kids- Its important because everyone is trying to get their work done, it is important to train kids to be aware that you are at work and they need to play by themselves. obviously you have to make sure, you have everything ready for them like crayons or new books, games, puzzles so they can keep themselves entertained. I keep on hearing about parents who can't work at home or kids bother them, its because one the kid is too happy to have you at home and second you haven’t ever worked from home ever so obviously the boundaries hasn’t been set. Given that we don’t know yet when things will normalize, it will help if you can train your kids.

6. Use Tools- Now more than ever. You can use papers, notepads, e-versions anything that helps you to keep a list of the things that need to get done specially if you have a deadline. I recently started using Notion and absolutely love it to keep a track of things to get done. Trello is also a great tool to use, simple and effective to plan for your work or use it as a team.

7. Collaborate- Keep the communication flowing with your team and it doesn’t feel like sitting alone and working anymore. Tools like Skype, chats… keeps you going. Also ensure that you are mindful of not bothering people when they are working, so if someone doesn’t answer your ping/call immediately, don’t keep on pinging them.

8. Learn new skills- The extra time, is a perfect way to indulge yourself in new skills and get more done. There are so many online platforms that allow you to enroll and learn like Coursera, Skillshare and Udemy. You always wanted to start that new hobby and never had the time, now is the time. Start what you always wanted to do, read the book thats been sitting in your self for years, learn coding, launch your blog.

9. Take time for yourself- self care time that you have always wanted. It’s the time to read a book or simply look at your life and see re prioritize them. We all have suddenly woken up to reality, we are all tweaking our lives and schedules and spending time home with our family.

10. Be careful- don’t take it lightly, don’t meet up more people and think its all right. It’s not and staying indoors is the best thing you can do for yourself and your loved ones.

Let me know what have you changed now? Stay safe, take care.

(Pic courtesy: Pexel.com)

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